Thursday, December 1 2022

With e-commerce constantly evolving and growing, there is no denying that retail now lives primarily online. By constantly tracking and driving revisions and advancements in the e-commerce market, Martin Newman and Retail Global aim to drive change for the better.

Industry leader and e-commerce genius Martin Newman is making waves in the retail industry and Retail Global values ​​his success highly. Ten years after his last Down Under trip, Newman calls Australia “home” because he “loves the people, loves the lifestyle”. With no particular reason to return so far, Retail Global is so thrilled they are making the trip to Retail Fest 2022 for their 23rd trip to Australia.

Leaders in the e-commerce sector, Newman and Retail Global have a lot in common when it comes to retail. Both believe the future of e-commerce lies in sustainability, inclusiveness and diversity, with a strong focus on creating customer-centric design. Newman is “trying to be a force for positive change” and Retail Global is 100% on board with his ideas.

Client orientation

“The danger for any customer-facing business is that in the age of e-commerce you are much less likely to get a second chance because the customer has thousands of options at the click of a mouse to give their business to someone else who demonstrates that they value their customers – New Man

People are at the forefront of every business and are the key to change in any industry. Creating a people-centric business design ensures that your brand thrives from within.

Examining customer-centric strategy in his book The Power of Customer Experience (2021), Newman believes that we “must focus on creating lifetime value for the customer because that is the recipe for lasting success at long term “. Turning your customers into fans is the perfect way to ensure the longevity of your brand and your business. Give your customers the content they want and “show up where your customers want you to be”.


Gone are the days of buying everything new. The shift for consumers is moving towards used, vintage, rented, upcycled, upcycled, and repurposed products for a variety of reasons. Driven by the need to reduce global warming and our carbon footprint, customers and consumers are choosing better options for the planet. Consumers are also looking for uniqueness and the pre-loved ensures that this is possible in almost any product.

On-demand services

Due to the pandemic, the rise of on-demand services has accelerated. The need to bring goods to your doorstep was prevalent as most people were unable or unwilling to leave their homes. These services are here to stay and according to forecasts from Retail Global and Newman, they will only grow over time.

retail party 2022

Offering an absolute buffet of e-commerce leaders, you can find Martin Newman discussing all things retail and e-commerce in his keynote and his MBA in a day-long workshop at Retail Fest 2022.

Newman’s presentations will “help attendees take their business to the next level” and teach the audience what “it really means to be truly customer-centric, but just as importantly, how you deliver it in all aspects of your business.” .

Retail Global is thrilled that Martin Newman is sharing his insights at Retail Fest with “how to create a better culture for what it means to be diverse, inclusive [and] how to remove all the barriers that prevent customers from engaging with you and turning them into fans”.

Want to learn more about how Martin Newman is driving success in the e-commerce industry? Get your Retail Fest 2022 tickets to learn all about the future of e-commerce from industry leaders.


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