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A well-structured management team that you can count on is essential to the success of your business. Not only will a strong leadership team ensure that you are constantly moving in the right direction, but it will also establish a solid foundation on which you can continue to build for years to come.

While leaders come in all shapes and sizes, now more than ever, having the right people at the helm is mission critical.

This topic was discussed at length during the virtual session, “The Leadership Challenge: How to Build a Management Team You Can Rely On,” featured as part of RISMedia’s Real Estate Rocking in the New Year on January 6.

“While everyone strives for perfection, they often find that perfection is a direction and not, as they say, a destination,” said Diane Ramirez, chief strategy officer at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New York. Properties, who moderated the lively discussion.

Immediately, Ramirez turned to Vince Leisey, president of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Ambassador Real Estate, to discuss his unique approach.

“Leadership starts with us as leaders and CEOs of our organizations,” explained Leisey, who runs her brokerage without the typical chain of command that’s common throughout the industry.

“You find out who the rockstars are, as well as the team players who help people achieve their goals faster. And that absolutely works for us,” Leisey said.

“People need to put their egos aside so that we can all achieve our goals as soon as possible,” he added.

For Keith Ard, President of RE/MAX Gold – Northern California and Nevada, it’s all about leadership.

“As a leadership team, we have always strived to lead from the front,” Ard noted. “That means we have relationships both at the front of our organization and across it so we can empower leaders to do what’s needed day in and day out in the branch.”

Keeping it simple is the name of the game for Ard, who finds leading from the front an effective way for a leadership team to perform at a high level.

Shifting gears to address the process of identifying and recruiting new management talent, Ramirez asked Mike Pappas, President and CEO of The Keyes Company/Illustrated Properties, to share his proven strategies.

“Our goal is to maximize those around us to their full potential,” explained Pappas, who looks to the company’s own ranks to identify those with leadership abilities. “We profile all of our agents to look for the types of behavior that will want to lead.”

Digging even deeper, Pappas explained the importance of giving leadership responsibility – and making sure it’s defined in the job description – while giving them authority and supporting them in whatever they do. ‘they do.

As President and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties, Dan Forsman is always on the lookout for great leadership.

“In order to sustain great leaders, you need to empower your management brokers to lead,” said Forsman, who wholeheartedly believes that the speed of the leader determines the pace of the peloton.

But it does not stop there.

“As a leader, you have a responsibility to find the next generation of talent, so there has to be awareness,” Forsman explained.

To that end, Forsman is always on the lookout for humble, hungry people who are constantly trying to improve.

For Leisey, whose organization is built on coaching and culture, the #1 trait he seeks is an “I care” attitude.

“We want people to understand how important culture is,” Leisey said. “We need an environment full of energy, excitement and enthusiasm where people encourage each other – and there’s passion and a positive attitude that comes with that.”

Communication was another big part of the conversation, as keeping a leadership team together is about making sure everyone is on the same page and working to build and maintain a strong culture.

“When you have a message, you have to say it more than once,” said Forsman, who communicates with his team through meetings, videos and social media.

Another way to get everyone on the same page? Business plans.

“If you don’t have a business plan, you don’t know what your goals are, you don’t know where you’re going, and therefore you’re not going to get there,” Forsman explained.

“When we were faced with the challenge of figuring out how to continue to communicate in a different world, we dove in and put together a meeting schedule like we’ve never had before,” Ard said. “It’s a best practice that has come out of the last few years.”

For Pappas, it’s not just about communication, but also about commitment and involvement.

“Collaborating and coming together for the vision of the organization is important, but the other thing we’re starting to do is engage in events,” Pappas noted.

Concluding the conversation, Ramirez asked for one last piece of advice for the attendees to get going again.

“As a leader, we have a great responsibility and a great opportunity to provide inspiration, aspiration and motivation,” Forsman said.

“Be specific in what is expected,” Ard added. “Foster an environment of creativity, collaboration and empowerment, and be quick to recognize success and make changes where change is needed.”

“It’s an honor, a privilege and a blessing to be able to lead others,” Pappas said. “If you have that calling and you have the heart of that servant, this can be the best race of your life.”

“We want our leadership team and agents to have an attitude of abundance where we openly share and collaborate with each other,” Leisey concluded. “We understand that the best is yet to come and that there is more than enough for everyone.”

Paige Tepping is the editor of RISMedia. Email him your real estate news ideas at [email protected].


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