Thursday, September 29 2022

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HYDERABAD: While schools have been closed for the longest time due to the pandemic, there was this growing need and concern about how to keep children engaged. Well, there were online education platforms, streaming platforms, games, and interactive apps, but we know what too much screen time can do to kids.

To bring back the joy of reading and the love of books, city bookseller Mohammed Riyaz launched Dream Info, a bookstore on wheels that helps many people regain their interest in reading. “I had the idea to open a mobile book van at the start of 2019. It was a dream that came true after Covid-19 became a pandemic in 2020,” explains Riyaz, who has been a bookseller since. more than two decades. now.

Although instilling the habit of reading in today’s youth may be one of the reasons Riyaz launched this book van, he was forced to close his shop, Dream Info World Bookstore in Madinaguda, due to low sales. “But I refused to leave the company. I myself am a reader and I want others to read too, especially children, who still don’t go to school regularly and are distracted by various entertainment platforms on the Internet, ”he says.

Dream Info has two vans, stocked with over 1,500 titles in all genres such as fairy tales, fables, folk tales, picture books, game books, puzzles, fantasy, fiction , non-fiction, encyclopedias and even horror.
“Our vans move through residential areas,” says Riyaz, adding that each van can hold up to 700 pounds. The price ranges from Rs 30 to Rs 3000.


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