Thursday, December 1 2022

What a shift and the power of innovation. Thanks to the TradeGrid team. You have demonstrated the power of innovation and how the unveiling of flagship products can open new avenues for growth. TradeGrid Team, I have just finished reading your Q3 2022 Quarterly Report; you made my day.

Tekedia Capital is very proud to have invested in you: “The product was an instant success, recorded ~$1.4 billion in transaction value since the beginning of the year and continues to grow by 380% (average QoQ) – on track to reach N1 billion+ in monthly recurring transactions in less than 6 months of downtime.

People, Nigeria is a great place to do business. You just have to THINK and INNOVATE. In TradeGrid, a major energy trader emerges from Nigeria.

Tekedia Mini-MBA (September 12 – December 3, 2022) started; registration continues. register here. The cost is N60,000 or $140 for the 12 week program. Beat the early risers for free books and other bonuses.

Learn more about TradeGrid here

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