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First of two parts

Dear Lloyd,

I find it really hard to focus on my goals these days. I am more into problem solving than identifying what I would like to be in the future. I know this is a big survey, but I understand the importance of setting goals. As a motivational speaker, who I guess talks about how one can achieve his goal, what can you tell me?



“If you want to go somewhere you have to put something up,” is an inspirational quote I wrote in one of my best selling books.

You are right for me. I’m talking about goal setting not only here in the Philippines but also overseas. I am fortunate to be able to do this even in face to face seminars before this pandemic.

In fact, I wrote a book to discuss in detail my ideas on how we can set and achieve our goals. Note that setting your goals requires different skills to achieve them. In the meantime, here is an excerpt from my book, “Alphabet of Achievement: The AZ of setting and get what you want”:

“How well do you know your ABCs?

“It’s probably a long time since you reviewed the Basic English Alphabet. In this book, you will have the opportunity to review each letter, from A to Z, which sequentially marks the 26 basic milestones to success that I will discuss.

“But first, let’s go back to the days when we were taught to read and write our ABCs. We had no idea then of its value let alone its importance in our lives, but we surely discovered these 26 letters a lot of fun. We cherished almost every moment.

“In my case, I was so excited to come home and show my parents how successful I was in my ABCs. I wanted to show them all of the accomplishments I had made in school. my teacher’s class It was enough to know that I had done something when the school day was over.

“Finally, my parents would look at my masterpieces from school and sometimes say that I hadn’t done well. They would tell me to my face that I had screwed up.

“I didn’t like it because instead of focusing on my accomplishments, no matter how small, it seemed like they were always in too much of a hurry to really watch and enjoy what I was doing.

“It left me with no choice but to do whatever it took to get better grades in school. I learned to cheat much like so many of my classmates – but just a little, mind you – and I got stuck with this habit! My parents were proud of my progress in school but deep down I felt there was really nothing in what I was doing that I can be proud.

“I knew some of my classmates and acquaintances hadn’t done it my way. Instead of taking on the challenge of their parents, they found it easier to fight back and rebel. They just decided not to pay attention to their own. What good, they asked, if all their parents and most people could see were their weaknesses and failures?

“The problem here is that a lot of us learn to be successful rather than learn. We are taught to aim somewhere but we are not really taught how to get there.

“As children, many of us have the idea that achieving small things doesn’t matter at all. What matters is that we would get something for our effort, no matter what. The idea of ​​greed may not be there yet.

“We just have to do our best and that’s it. It really doesn’t matter. A lot of us didn’t like the idea, of course, although we couldn’t voice our objection at the time. . I didn’t have the words for that yet. “

Next week, July 22, 2021, I’ll tell you more about goal setting.

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Sgt. Lloyd A. Luna, PAFR, is the first registered speech professional in the Philippines. He is a motivational speaker on leadership and best-selling author of Stepback: The Lost Art of Filipino Leadership. He is President and CEO of Stepback, a leadership and cultural development company that helps leaders and organizations see the big picture in life and at work. Visit his website www.stepback.ph or email him at [email protected]

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