Thursday, September 29 2022

Following the New York Times’ admission that Hunter Biden’s laptop was genuine all along, Biden’s White House went into radio silence – and few journalists are pressuring the president for a response. White House press secretary Jen Psaki previously spread the false claim that the laptop was Russian disinformation (as was President Biden). She now says it would be inappropriate for her to respond to her earlier comments about the scandal. Fortunately, there was no run to the local ice cream shop, but this cone of silence comes as reports emerge of additional evidence acquired on Hunter Biden as part of the ongoing criminal investigation.

PSAKI was not so reluctant when spreading the false story (contradicting US intelligence findings) that it was a hoax. She said “I think it’s widely known and widely known that there was a wide range of Russian misinformation in 2020.”

Now that his statements (and those of the president) have been found to be false, Psaki won’t answer questions, replying “I would direct you to the Justice Department and Hunter Biden representatives.” Of course, the Department of Justice will not comment on ongoing investigations. However, the question was about his own role in spreading, ironically, disinformation.

The radio silence is deafening as new reports indicate the grand jury continues to dig deep into Hunter Biden’s finances. As we previously discussed, the woman who had a child out of wedlock with Hunter Biden turned over documents detailing her finances to the grand jury.

Notably, Clint Lancaster, an attorney for Lunden Roberts, told CNBC that he also offered “a significant amount of [Biden’s] financial records” to investigators in response to a subpoena and that he “expects” Hunter Biden to be charged.

When Hunter Biden’s book came out, the media widely acclaimed him for his brave tale of personal debauchery while largely avoiding questions about millions allegedly peddling influence with foreign interests. Reporters allowed Biden to claim, for example, that he had no recollection of the long night with Roberts despite emails contradicting that claim. Nor did they confront him with his shameful and protracted trial for refusing to support his child.

With the growing possibility of an indictment, the media must try to cleanse their long promulgation of this false claim. However, this is not to respond to what these now authentic emails say about the Biden family’s influence-peddling schemes.

He also refuses to address the fact that while influence peddling is legal, it is a pattern of blatant corruption by the family taking advantage of Biden’s tenure as vice president. This allowed President Biden to repeatedly and erroneously assert that “nobody suggested that my son did anything wrong.”

The media also avoids the obvious question of why Merrick Garland (who has pledged to be apolitical) steadfastly refused to appoint a special advocate in the case.

As with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) and the 50 “experts” who pushed this false claim, it seems uninteresting to confront those who assured voters that the scandal of the laptops was nothing more than Russian disinformation. It seems that spreading false information about Russian disinformation is not considered news when done in the name of a good cause.


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