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The bad idea is the new comic book editor of Dinesh Shamdasani, Hunter Gorinson, Atom Freeman, Warren Simons, and Joshua Johns. A direct-to-retail publisher, eschewing digital and commercial paperbacks in favor of single-cover comic book sales of big-name comics. That is if you get a copy. And there are rules for what retailers are allowed to do to sell their comics.

  • Rule # 1: Limit one per customer.
  • Rule # 2: must be sold at a price not exceeding the sale price for 30 days from the date of publication.
  • Rule # 3: Bad Idea comics can be offered for pre-order but cannot be shipped to anyone until the release date.
  • Rule # 4: Must be displayed in the busiest section of your store.
  • Rule # 5: Must display promotional material prominently within the permitted period of time.
  • Rule # 6: Your order on the first number of a bow is your minimum order on each subsequent number of that bow.
Why Bad Idea Ditched Another Comic Book Store

Bad Idea Comics has publicly abandoned Jesse James Comics though Glendale Arizona. And now they’ve dropped another, saying “as of now a Bad Idea destination store retailer has been given a permanent, life-long ban.”

  • As a reminder, bad idea rule # 1 states: “Only one per customer. “
  • And Bad Idea Rule # 2 states that “Bad Idea comics must be sold for no more than the sale price for 30 days from the date of release.”

They add, “BAD IDEA is fortunate to have a waiting list of over 100 stores willing to join the Destination Store program. New stores are added as our capacity increases. We will be welcoming a new store later. today. Details will follow shortly. “

Bleeding Cool understands that the retailer in question was using a friend to sell multiple copies of the comics in question for high prices on eBay. Either it was the retailer himself who sold Eniac Where Whalesville oneabove the cover price within one month of the first publication, or he sold more than one copy to someone else to sell at high cover prices. And maybe divide the difference.

Oh and then messing around with the pins from the first copy, but that’s not covered by the rules. It probably didn’t help if …

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